Our South Phoenix
Roots Run Deep

The Vasquez family, and Poncho’s itself, have established undeniable roots in our South Phoenix community. We cheered for George and Ralph Vasquez as their baseball careers took them from local sandlots, Roosevelt school and South Mountain High to ASU and the minor leagues. And, we appreciated every bit of support we received along the way, as we expanded from Isabel’s takeout window to Poncho’s, a full-service restaurant. Our love for the community that has loved us over the years has no end.

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Fundraising That
Fosters Community

The South Phoenix community has supported Poncho’s since 1972. And we’re committed to doing the same in return. Youth sports teams need sponsors and community advocacy organizations need donations to continue to create positive change for the greater good.

To support our community as a whole, we welcome fundraising partnerships with schools, athletic teams and non-profit organizations — offering 20% of sales in return after events.

Learn how Poncho’s can support your organization!

Amy Vasquez

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